Tiiu Piibur Näitus "Vahepeatus Pipedrive"
27.05 - 15.06.2019

Näitus "Vahepeatus Pipedrive"

Mustamäe tee 3

Artist from Estonia

I am happy to make an exhibition in this great innovative and creative establishment. There are paintings on different floors created during different times, some were made a decade ago. Special thank you goes to Valter Kungla, one of the great people and a wonderful person.

I have organized 60+ exhibitions during my career as an artist. I work with visual communication and universal messages of nature, for which I feel a deep respect and love. I’m an artist who constantly studies and works with various artistic forms and includes other creative people. I’m open to new challenges, give painting lessons and art therapy sessions. Art therapy is a form of psychotherapy in which a person is able to use simple art forms to explore his or her inner world in non-verbal way.

It is also possible to buy the artwork, call or write to me, then I will send you the prices for the paintings.

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