Tiiu Piibur Näitus "Space-time"
26.04 - 01.09.2014

Näitus "Space-time"

Lõuna Rootsis

I love to use the time and the room more broadly.

I have presented it in various exhibitions, but in this time I present it like I feel it at the moment.

The games of perspective and room have always fascinated me. On thisexhibition I have chosen black color, which enables to play with three-dimensional shapes. At the moment in Estonia we don’t have such a view. I have taught the perception of the space to my students. I have taught it also in a metaphor carried to the philosophy of life. I’m a huge experimenter and analytical philosopher, but my favorite subject is Golden Ratio (Sacred Geometry), what I have learned from Leonardo Da Vinci. I consider him as my teacher. He followed in his paintings to the sacred Geometry. Even at the present time many people are investigating what it is.

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