Tiiu Piibur Näitus "Eesti Kuld, Estonian Gold"

Näitus "Eesti Kuld, Estonian Gold"

Piibur’s painting exhibition “Eesti Kuld” / “Estonian Gold”
Eva Pajus’ designer clothes entitled “Loodusega üks“ / “At One with Nature”



Tiiu Piibur’s paintings invite the viewer to think about their roots and where they come from. “Estonians live in a hallowed land where they are well kept, and they should be happy that we have our own country and our own land.” Through small forms of mosses and lichens the artist seeks to encapsulate the call and voice of the ancient forest and help people discover the power within themselves.

Also being presented is an exhibition of designer clothes. This is Eva Pajus’ first collection. “Our forests are plentiful and offer so much to discover. Creating this collection I was inspired by the forest in all its richness.
The artist and designer are also linked by being mother and daughter.

Tiiu Piibur and Eva Pajus: “Dear people, please take time for yourself to notice what’s around us and what’s inside us and to awaken the ancient power within each of us.”

Come and take a look at all of the mosses and lichens on display!





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